Old Salt

We are a collective of Musicians from across Europe and the USA who aim our style towards an Oldtimey and broader Americana sound.


Americana, where a bit of New Orleans meets a bit of Appalachia. Throw in some original songs, the influences of a variety of European traditional sounds and bada-bing.


Banjo, acoustic guitar, violin, 5-string viola, upright bass, cajon, bodran, little percussion, harmony vocals.

Leander & Angelo have been working closely with us for over a year now.  From smaller bar gigs to world class venues and festival stages, they're always open and willing to deal with any situation and challenge.  To have a team who’s helped create and intimately knows our live sound is priceless when you need to recreate that sound on such wide variety of platforms. These lads are fast, responsive, assertive, carry an amazing sense of humor and enter every situation with their eyes and ears open.  Additionally we’ve come to expect an honest criticism of our live sound and performance after the show that could only come from the likes of dear friends and/or good producers.  We’re honored to have such a talented team whose willing to grow with our band and maintain such a consistent level of excellence.  

Old Salt

US, Belgium, Sweden, Scotland, France

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